Chinese Parents’ Preferences In Choosing Children's Clothes And Shoes

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11:13:00, Mar. 27, 2020

Judging from the consumption preferences of post-90s parents in the past two years, four features can be summarized.

Nowadays, the post-90s generation has gradually become the main force of children's clothing and shoes market, and their attitude is also affecting the trend of the industry. Judging from the consumption preferences of post-90s parents in the past two years, four features can be summarized.

1. Professional and functional products are preferred

Taking children's shoes as an example, functional shows have been more and more welcomed by consumers in the past two years. Sales of brands for high-end customers, such as Mikihouse, Dr. Kong and GINOBLE, have been increasing in China.

In the selection of functional shoes, Chinese post-90s parents are very concerned about the brand awareness and professionalism.

2. High-value products are popular

High-value products have driven the growth of the children’s market. The sales of brands like Haohaizi have grown rapidly, and their influence continues to expand. Consumers are more willing to choose high-value products, even though its price is higher.

3. Fashionable sports products are favored

The popularity of sports such as running and yoga has continued to increase, and the sports clothing and shoes market has come into a golden period. At the same time, the style of children's shoes is getting to be similar to the style of adult shoes, because the aesthetics of post-90s parents is directly reflected in their children's dress. For example, FILA's performance under the Anta Group has continued to improve, which shows that its fashion sports attributes are attracting more consumers. 

4. Products with Chinese elements are leading the fashion

Affected by Chinese culture, various clothing brands continue to launch new products with Chinese elements. In 2019, online sales for children's clothing with Chinese elements increased by 69%. 

Chinese elements include both Chinese brand and Chinese style. There are two reasons for consumers' high acceptance of this type of products. Firstly, the post-90s parents in China are more self-conscious and want to have their own unique style. They have a deeper understanding and identification of brands and products. These parents can accept any brand as long as they are good-looking and high-quality; Secondly, brands in China continue to improv their quality and pay more attention to service. Chinese brands have gradually attracted the young consumers through quality improvement. 

To sum up, the Chinese children's clothing and shoes market is gradually specializing, and the Chinese market is also developing rapidly. In the children’s clothing and shows industry, consumers are getting to be younger. Therefore, young families in China will become a new growth force in the future.


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