This is a visual feast about public welfare. Let love in. --The first public welfare online conference about breastfeeding is just around the corner

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18:25:00, May. 19, 2020

Vincent Van Gogh once said: I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. The world is beautiful because of love; life is blessed because of love; the soul of the human is wealthy because of love. Breastfeeding is the most direct and original method of love for the human being.

For newborn babies, everything in the world is known and they have numerous great-first-times. First time to open the eyes; first time to cry or laugh to express emotions; and first time to taste breast milk in the arms of the mother. Breast milk is the best present for babies at the beginning of life, the closest bond in between the baby and the mother, the love from all mothers.

On 20th May 2020, the national breastfeeding promotion day, Mother’s milk, Everyday Amazing welfare online conference will be held during 10:00-11:00 to appreciate this most original and most precious love from mother, to enhance the public awareness of breastfeeding, and to promote baby and mother safety guarantee. We will with you together unveil the history and future about the legislation of breastfeeding.


During the conference, a face-to-face talking opportunity for everyone is available. The speakers include: Mei Liu, the president of Women's Federation of Guangzhou; Liang Xu, the initiator of the Global Big Latch On; Jianwei Lei, the vice president of Volunteer Federation of Guangdong and the representative of National People's Congress; Lan Wang, the vice president of Medela and the general manager of Medela China; and many media charities. From various perspective “how to help mothers to breastfeed” will be discussed.

The conference will deliver “3 first” of Guangzhou city’s breastfeeding promotion and promote breastfeeding in many other cities. Moreover, the representatives of NGOs and enterprises will introduce the implementations to promote breastfeeding and the assistant methods of breastfeeding.

Do you want to learn more details and the explanations about the“Regulations on the Promotion of Breastfeeding in Guangzhou”?

Do you want to know the new trends of the social environment of breastfeeding mothers?

All of us can be a member of “Breastfeeding Mothers’ Supporter”. Join Wechat streaming channel at 10:00-11:00 20th May. Together we will witness, Mother’s milk, Everyday Amazing, “520 I love you” Guangzhou public welfare conference.

Secret celebrities will participate in the conference with you together to support and witness this amazing moment.

Medela together with Breastfeeding Love Charity host the conference as a professional organization concerning the research and assistance of breastfeeding. Together with all public attention from media and breastfeeding supporters, we care mother’s breastfeeding and we will contribute to providing a better social environment for mother’s breastfeeding.


We also have creative games to provide supports. No matter where you are or who you are, you can be a member of the charity. Please invite your friends to participate in us to help mothers. 

Guangzhou is our starting point but where will be the next is depended on you. We hope everyone to join.

More meaningful activities are waiting for you to unlock. Welcome to join us and create a heaven on earth for breastfeeding.


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